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Black mould or a black stain on your rendered wall is usually composed of a fungus that grows by producing filaments that occupy the gaps or pores in the surface of a rendered wall that needs cleaning. These filaments are like threads and form dense mats and if the conditions are right will form dense mats of the growth and can release pigments and acids when they grow, eventually staining your rendered wall. There is also a bacteria that produces a black colour but the surface would be like a slime and with a green tinge. An application of our eco friendly wall render cleaner will disperse these growths but care will need to be taken with the fungal form as this can take longer to remove. It may take 2 or 3 applications to remove it properly. Once done, an application of our preventative product will keep your wall looking good for 2 years or more and generally up to 4 years for any re growth to occur that's visible.


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Black metabolites - result of fungi on your wall

black fungi and green algae on wall

How to remove black mould from exterior render walls

If you get black mould on your rendered walls its likely that the wall is damp or faces north where the sun can’t get to it and dry it out. This mould grows by leaching minerals from the wall render and turning them into a black crusty substance that’s difficult to remove. The mould does this to protect itself from UV. We tackle this by applying a cleaner with only a soft wash, no high pressure or damage to the render might result. Then we rinse down, apply and second treatment, rinse again then apply a preventative soft wash. Job done!

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