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How to soft wash render on walls

Soft washing for rendered walls and why to never use bleach based products.

How to soft wash render on walls

Soft washing render in order to clean it is a great way to remove all the risk from cleaning your render. No risk from damage. No risk to changing the colour. No risk in losing the value of the render by it being damaged. No risk to it losing its waterproofing capability. No risk of invalidating your render manufacturers warranty. No risk to damaging any other building materials. No risk to damaging your paintwork. No risk to any polished timber, doors, window frames or decking. No risk to pets. And…..No risk to plants. All in all, a great way to spruce up your home…….Call us now on 07709 043381

What is soft washing

Soft washing is a shower like spray and removes staining from algae, nasty bacteria, black mould and lichen that self coloured renders tend to suffer from after a few years. We see these problems start to occur as soon as 3 years after the job is done. No need to paint the render, we see loads of properties where this has been done resulting in repetitive painting and maintenance required every few years costing thousands of pounds. A soft wash spray will get your render looking like the original and keep it that way for about 3 years. A cost effective re-spay after that every 3 years or so will keep it looking good for a lifetime. Not just render but pebbledash, stucco and cladding will all benefit from a soft wash spray process, including previously painted render. So don’t paint. It’s completely unnecessary and a waste of money. Don’t use high pressure water as this will damage the render, and even if it does not look damage the pores in the surface will be opened up, moisture gets in allowing spores that cause the staining to re-colonise even faster.

Don't use bleach

Now a lot of companies in this business offer soft wash, but its not necessarily eco friendly. Some products are industrial strength sodium hypochlorite. In other words bleach. The authorities are trying to get farmers and industrial cleaners to stop using bleach because of the bad effect it has on our environment. If bleach is applied, you will notice the smell. If you can smell it, its getting into your system through your lungs. Your neighbours will detect it too and some of them might not be very happy about it especially with children around. What if someone nearby suffers from a breathing condition? That would not be very fair to inflict this kind of toxic product on to them. Then the bleach will need to be rinsed off by hundreds of gallons of fresh water. What a waste of water and where will it go? Into drains, waterways and storm drains, eventually finding its way into rivers. We don’t do this. We only use a product that’s safe in the environment. We don’t use hundreds of gallons of water to our soft washing. Only a 100 litres maximum on a large detached house. The product mainly stays on the wall and what does run off becomes inactive when it comes into contact with organic matter like the surfaces of paths and driveways. It does not accumulate in the environment. So this is why we use soft washing with an eco friendly product to clean wall render. Everyone is safe, our staff, you the customer and your neighbours.