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K-Rend wall render cleaning - black mould removal

K-Rend requires a specialist.
I think everyone agrees with that.
So you just can’t say, I’ve got this great steam cleaning machine and it does everything…… can it.
Biofilms (algae, lichens, fungi and moss) on buildings are complex. You need to have some in-depth knowledge about how to combat the problem facing you. So a one size fits all approach is never going to work.

The truth is, it suits some companies out there, mostly the large ones who have salespeople trotting around the countryside trying to convince you that what they have is the best thing since sliced bread.

What happens if what one these companies offers does not work? Get them back to do it again? Good luck with that.

So what do we offer?
Our knowledge is up there with the best regarding the substrate (the building material) especially K-Rend and the organisms growing there making your home, factory, or offices look uncared for.

Our specialist chemical supplier gained the knowledge by commissioning a bio chemist to write a paper for them to 1. Firstly explain the biofilm in depth and 2. How to tackle it in the most practical way.

This certainly means that we must be flexible. In other words treatment might take more than one visit to fix the issue……….after all we are dealing with the unpredictability of nature.


 wall render cleaning

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"If you've got the slime, we've got the time ….! "
K-Rend walls, tiled roofs, slate roofs, clay (terracotta) roofs, thatched roofs, rendered walls, brick walls, driveways, paving and timber. All different building materials. All with their own unique sets or organisms growing on them. So how do you think one solution will fix them all? Its impossible. In depth knowledge based on some science and understanding about the structure of the building is what’s needed.

So if we get a project thats not a run of the mill job, we have a backup team of highly experienced professionals made up from manufacturers, engineers and scientists to help out.

In fact the products we use are specifically recommended by the manufacturers of K-Rend. You can’t get a more convincing argument than that.

There's more……. in that K-Rend specifically advise not to pressure clean or steam clean.

These processes can irreversibly damage your K-Rend rendered building.

There's even more….. in that if you steam clean or pressure clean K-Rend won’t stand behind any warranty.

So does that make you think a bit more about your rendering?

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*We’ll even do a test patch for free!!

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If you've got the slime, we've got the time ….! "