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Render Cleaning Cardiff, Wales - Soft wash render cleaning

Render cleaning in Cardiff, Wales using a render soft washing process that's gentle on your valuable render.
No harsh pressure cleaning.
Our wall render cleaning tradesmen use cleaning equipment utilising low pressure pumps and products to carefully clean your render.
Did you know
Renders that are coloured right through the coating, including K-Rend wall render products can ONLY be cleaned by using a low pressure system, high pressure will damage the K-Rend. The pressure can be turned down on high pressure machines but would you risk this, as its all under the control of the operator of the machine.
Wales and Cardiff weather is wet and has high humidity but our render cleaning product and the method of application has been well thought out for all conditions.
All our products are Eco friendly, no nasty bleaches or acids, and all products break down quickly in the environment.

So many soft wash businesses use what they call "hypo". This is in fact sodium hypochlorite, ie bleach. Sometimes a concentrated lemon or orange oil is used to mask the smell and a soapy surfactant is added to make the "hypo" stick to the surface its being sprayed on. Used at commercial concentration levels the odour and bleach smell can persist around your property for days. That's not even considering the corrosive nature of the product, getting into gardens and drains, or forming puddles where your dog may inadvertently have a quick slurp of the liquid or get some fumes into its sensitive nasal cavity. If you are at all sensitive to chemicals then "hypo" is likely to provoke some sort of negative reaction from you also.
We won't expose our customers to this, and we won't expose ourselves to the harmful nature of this product.

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Black mould on Cardiff rendered walls

Below is a thermal image of a wall showing where internal radiators have had a heat shield fitted between the radiator and the wall, and that reduces the amount of heat being transferred to the fabric of the building. A rendered wall would be affected as the blue "cold" areas would remain colder and more damp and be more prone to mould growing in this area. We regularly see this problem on high rise buildings, very noticeable on rendered high rise buildings near the coast in Cardiff and Swansea where the concrete floor sections develop horizontal rows of black mould. So the black mould on the rendered wall is due to the concrete structural floor being much colder than the living/heated areas of the building. So the better insulated a wall is, the more vulnerable it is to growing mould, algae and lichen on the render.
wall render thermal image Cardiff

K-Rend cleaner recommended by K-Rend themselves

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