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Eco friendly cleaning and how we apply our products

Soft washing products can be applied using basic materials such as a plastic bin to mix the liquids and then pumping them up on to your wall render or roof. However, proper application of the wall render cleaning product must be done to produce consistent results, and with a level of skill and accuracy that you would expect when paying for a professional service. Wall render soft washing is no different to any other business where a level of high quality service is desired. Investment in the proper soft washing equipment is mandatory and one of the most important questions is how to control the mixing rate of the concentrated product that ends up being sprayed on to your wall or roof. Different levels of concentration are required after we have assessed the biological growth on your premises, and these concentration levels can vary widely. Obviously we have to increase the concentration if the biofilm is very heavy. In winter we also increase the concentrations slightly, but not by much.
So how can we quickly and accurately change these values on site without scratching our heads using crude measuring buckets and plastic bins to sort out the issue?


 wall render cleaning

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Soft washing render and roofs and how the active product is applied and measured

The part of our system that gives us this soft wash product accuracy is an inline meter that constantly measures the exact amount of concentrate mixed with water while we are doing the job. So no time wasted trying to mix up product in a big bin prior to spraying. In winter the in line meter is attached to a heater or hot box that enables us to work when others can't and still get a great result for you. Don't be tempted to want to buy one. They cost hundreds of pounds and is the sort of equipment used by the agricultural industry to accurately control fertiliser applied to hydroponic systems.

So in order to give you a great job, we have carefully selected
1. a product that does not accumulate in the environment,
2. won't harm your cat, dog or plants,
3. we apply it accurately using the best high tech equipment available to us
4. we will not overdo the concentration "just to be sure" we get the right result by any means

If you've got the slime, we've got the time ….! "