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Render Cleaning, render mould and algae cleaning - How it works

How treating, and caring for your render works

What’s the product you use?

We use an Eco friendly wall render cleaning product that kills algae, lichens and moss. Now lichens feed off the algae, so if you kill the algae you get rid of the lichen, and moss gets killed off in the process as well.

Our product is so safe that its authorised for use in children’s play areas and will kill the bacteria on artificial playing surfaces that can make a graze or a cut turn septic.

After the product has been activated by contact with the algae and lichen it then breaks down naturally within about 48 hours.

So we have to understand the type of organism that’s making your wall render look bad. Usually black streaky marks or a green algae that looks green or a green algae that sometimes produces a red stain.

These green algae are usually taken care of by spraying with a gentle spray that does no harm to the render at all. In fact its so mild it does not harm any construction material including your paintwork.


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clean wall render black streaks
The black markings are caused by a fungal organism growing within the pores of the wall render where they extract minerals from the render and use these minerals to form a mouldy looking paste to protect themselves from UV light.

These types or organisms can really make porous stone like sandstone look a real mess and the longer it remains the more difficult it is to get rid of. So we have to decide if firstly we remove the black stuff, or kill off the organism. This is where our expertise and experience comes in, as we can’t use high pressure water cleaning on porous stones or porous wall render without destroying the surface. We have an alkaline gel that we spread over the surface first, to remove the black encrusted surface then we apply our eco friendly product to kill off the organism that’s causing the problem.

Tiled roofs self clean a lot easier than walls, so we have to help nature along. Algae on wall renders wash away but where the contamination is deeper as it is with a fungi, then we have to apply another product to ensure removal of the filaments with the porous nature of the wall render or stonework.

So that’s how its done - we eliminate the algae, black streaks and lichen all in one visit. A bit of work, patience and knowledge go a long way towards getting your property looking great again.

Remember it will stay that way for some time - at least 2 years with no visible contamination.

Don’t use high pressure water, or brush with a stiff brush because it will do mechanical damage to your wall render.

Don’t use steam because it can damage the acrylic based resins in the wall render.

Both these options are a temporary fix as the algae and fungi spores start growing again as soon as the job is finished.

Just call us and we’ll do the job properly, and you will get a great job that lasts.

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